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This tool will help you to see Bitcoin and altcoin price correlation. The computer compares the day to day price of the altcoin you have selected against Bitcoin's path. You can use this information to plan your trades accordingly The correlation between BTC-LINK peaked on 25 April with 0.808 correlation coefficient, however, has been falling ever since. Currently, data from CoinMetrics suggested that the BTC-LINK correlation stood at 0.6659 BTC's 60-day correlation with the S&P 500 has been coming down recently. That must mean it's no longer a risk-on asset. Its increasing correlation with gold corroborates that, putting BTC back. Gold is not correlated with any of the other data sets including Bitcoin; Cryptocurrencies amongst each other are positively correlated; Bitcoin and the S&P 500 showed no correlation until the Coronacrisis hit both stocks and Bitcoin hard, resulting in a growing correlation. With a coefficient of about 0.4 over the last 180 days, it is still very weak

Correlations - Cryptowatch - Cryptowatch | Bitcoin (BTC. At -4.42%, LINK has the least negative correlation with BTC. However, it has still acted consistently differently from BTC from April 2018 to March 2019. With a solid use case to connect smart contracts with real-world data, LINK hasn't really noticed the rest of the crypto winter, performing well even against the general market trend and falling BTC price The same report listed Chainlink's LINK and Tezos' XTZ as the second- and third-least correlated assets to bitcoin, with coefficients of 0.32 and 0.4, respectively. 5 BTC + 300 Free Spins for new players & 15 BTC + 35.000 Free Spins every month, only at mBitcasino Coin Metrics' Correlation tool allows you to chart insightful crypto correlations of asset/metric pairs BTC runs = alts stagnate in dollars and drop in BTC as people sell alts for BTC = be in BTC BTC drops = everything drops, alts will even tend to drop harder than BTC = be in dollars or stable coins With that said, things aren't always so simple, instead for each of the three conditions above there are actually two things that tend to happen depending the specific circumstances

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Find the current Chainlink Bitcoin Binance rate and access to our LINK BTC converter, charts, historical data, news, and more After Bitcoin bottomed out at $3480 in December 2018, its correlation to the S&P dwindled from 0.4 to -0.3 in the next two months, as Bitcoin into its 2019 rally. 2. After Bitcoin hit the bottom of $6,600 in December 2019, its correlation to the S&P started trending negative to -0.4 as BTC was commencing its 2020 pump The correlation between Bitcoin [BTC] and gold is at an all-time high. Moreover, looks like the de-coupling with the S&P 500 has happened completely as well. Bloomberg Intelligence: Bitcoin-Gold 52-week correl (0.43) at all time highs: pic.twitter.com/ci1y1ngMQr — light (@LightCrypto) June 9, 202 In the realm of negative correlation, Bitcoin's correlation to an index that tracks stock market volatility is headed towards new lows. Bitcoin's ratio to the VIX volatility index is at -0.12. If it drops lower, it will encroach on the lows it hit in the beginning of 2018 and 2019

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ETH's correlation with BTC was 0.95 in July 2020. And, while the same has dropped to 0.71, the asset continues to benefit from a relatively high correlation, when compared to other market altcoins. A total of 152.9k BTC is on ETH, based on data from BTC on ETH. This BTC is in wBTC, renBTC, HBTC This year, factors such as the global pandemic, financial uncertainty, and the looming election have seen an increase in the Bitcoin correlation to gold and the stock market It's been just revealed that MicroStrategy has the highest correlation with Bitcoin. Michael Saylor's company is supporting and accumulating Bitcoin for quite a while now. Saylor became a BTC maximalist and just the other day, he was sending people an important message. Check out Michael Saylor's tweet. Entities I control have now acquired 111,000 #BTC..

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  1. Pundi X integrates Chainlink (LINK) to Power Its Platform Rewards. Chainlink Held By the top 10 Crypto Exchange Addresses Drops by 67.6%. Chainlink's Network is Growing at a Rate of 12% Per Month Ethereum's One Month Correlation with BTC Drops to 68% as $3k Beckons
  2. Tesla Stock And Bitcoin Price Correlation Revealed: What's The Common Link? By Vincent Figueras 09/18/20 AT 6:10 AM. KEY POINTS
  3. Interestingly enough, Litecoin and Ethereum, which demonstrated much stronger correlation with Bitcoin prices during the 2017 bull run, showed the weakest correlations with BTC throughout the crash. Whether or not it also has to do with the fact that they're both available through Coinbase, or if you believe it's other reasoning, feel free to elaborate in the comments section of this article
  4. During those historic two days, BTC plunged by 50 percent as U.S. stocks experienced some of their worst performances in history. The correlation hasn't gone unnoticed. As reported by CryptoSlate , JPMorgan analysts said in a report published in June that since the March crash, Cryptocurrencies have traded more like risky assets like equities—a significant change relative to the prior.
  5. According to Google Trends, the search terms for ramen and Bitcoin had an intriguing inverse correlation in the past seven days. As the graph below illustrates, when searches for BTC saw the highest weekly developments, people were less enthusiastic about searching for the Japanese dish. Bitcoin vs Ramen Google Searches. Source: Google Trend

Historically, bitcoin's correlation to traditional asset classes has been very low. Lately, its correlation has been rising. In fact, 2020 is the highest year on record for bitcoin's. Pundi X integrates Chainlink (LINK) to Power Its Platform Rewards. Chainlink Held By the top 10 Crypto Exchange Addresses Drops by 67.6%. Chainlink's Network is Growing at a Rate of 12% Per Month - Analyst. Cardano's Correlation With BTC in the Last 30 Days Turns Negative Correlation between Chainlink and Bitcoin. Pair correlation details including Chainlink (LINK.CC) and Bitcoin (BTC.CC) risk analysis, volatility stats, Chainlink and Bitcoin pair trading opportunities Currently, data from CoinMetrics suggested that the BTC-LINK correlation stood at 0.6659. Source: CoinMetrics Going by this inverse correlation between the two digital assets, yesterday's BTC rally was not replicated in the LINK's market, as the asset collapsed by nearly 16%, from price point $18.87 to $15.74

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Analytics firm Skew believes that two major altcoins, Cardano's ADA and Chainlink's LINK, are much less correlated to Bitcoin than the other top crypto assets are, including Tether.. LINK and ADA are less correlated to Bitcoin than USDT. In their recent tweet, analysts at Skew published a graph showing that two top-tier altcoins, ADA and LINK, are not so much related to Bitcoin as to the. BTC and S&P 500 Correlation Surging Data from the cryptocurrency analytics resource skew shows that the realized correlation between Bitcoin's price and the S&p 500 has surged to a 5-month high. The last time it was at these levels was back in November 2020

Chainlink to BTC Chart LINK to BTC rate for today is BTC0.00072303 . It has a current circulating supply of 430 Million coins and a total volume exchanged of BTC60,585.17840006 My initial thought was that as BTC dominance falls, we would see a lower correlation between BTC and the total market Strangely, it seems that this is not true. When bitcoin as a % of the total market cap went down in early 2017, the correlation between BTC and the overall market didn't follow The Study's Objectives. The study investigates whether there is a correlation between the price movements of Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures after their launch on CBOE and CME last year. It consists of two parts: the first one conducts an analysis of the Bitcoin (BTC) trading volumes on the most popular crypto exchanges and the volumes of Bitcoin futures

I am relatively new to crypto and first time poster. I have noticed how the price of Ethereum has been loosely correlated with BTC. Over the last few days, I have noticed that it has slowly been breaking away from BTC price and doing it's own thing Price correlation. Close. 3. Posted by. Redditor for less than 2 weeks. 2 days ago. Price correlation. I just don't get it. When bitcoin dips deep, so do almost all other coins. Eth, bch and btc pretty much all swing at the exact same time, not to mention all the others. They go up at the same time too VET prove to have a low correlation to Bitcoin compared to others such as Litecoin and Ethereum as the pattern analysis show so let's find out more in the upcoming Vechain cryptocurrency news.. During bull markets, the patterns usually tend to emerge between BTC and other altcoins which is why in this case of Vechain, VET proves to have a low correlation to the number one cryptocurrency There was a similar drop-off around Bitcoin's next bottom in April 2018 ($6850) - the correlation plunged to -0.2, after which BTC started rallying back to $9300. 2. After Bitcoin bottomed out at $3485 in December 2018, its correlation to the S&P dwindled from 0.4 to -0.3 over the next two months, as Bitcoin went from consolidation and into its 2019 rally Comparing BTC with certain foods has a pinch of humor and may not be particularly indicative of the overall interest in the asset. However, another recent statistic from Google Trends suggested otherwise when the global searches for buy bitcoin reached two-year-high levels at the start of May

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Bitcoin Correlates with S&P 500, Analyst Believes that BTC Market Value Is $18,000 Jun 18 2020 · 18:58 UTC by Chuks Chukwuka · 3 min read Photo: Shutterstoc In its run to the new all-time-high above $42,000 fueled by halving in May and institutional FOMO, Bitcoin's correlation with the US Dollar has reached a new low of -0.15 as per the data from Coinmetrics.The declining correlation between bitcoin, a growing hedging asset, and the US Dollar which is the world's reserve currency is being attributed to a pandemic led money printing spree by. Since the liquidity crisis in March, as the S&P has rallied to all- time highs this summer there has also been a strong correlation between the index and the price of Bitcoin.In our latest blog, we ask whether this statistical relationship suggests the fate of the world's biggest cryptocurrency has become tied to the financial system it was built to challenge In brief. Bitcoin is largely framed as a safe haven asset that isn't correlated with the stock market. Between 2018 and 2020, BTC actually demonstrated correlation with the world's largest stock index, and this correlation reached its eight-year peak in 2020

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  1. The prices of bitcoin and gold have reached a monthly average correlation of 70%, an all-time-high, according to data analytics firm Skew. The previous peak of just under 60% was reached earlier.
  2. read Azeez Mustafa For the past week, BTC/USD has been struggling to break above the $60,000 psychological price level
  3. There appears to be a correlation as of late between both bitcoin and Tesla stock shares, and they both share undeniable similarities
  4. ed by just developments or strong fundamentals. The past few years have shown that these metrics tend to take a back seat when there is turbulence in the BTC market
  5. As per the latest chart by Coin Metrics, the BTC-ETH correlation has sunk to 0.67. As Ethereum went on to decouple with Bitcoin, the altcoin soared to yet another all-time high near $3K as the week wrapped. Bitcoin, on the other hand,.
  6. It has almost become a norm in the cryptospace for altcoin price movements to follow the same direction with that of bitcoin (BTC), the world's flagship cryptocurrency.. However, DataLight, a cryptocurrency analysis platform has carefully put together a list of the top five cryptos whose price rarely move in unison with bitcoin (), according to a report published March 26, 2019

Crypto majors like BTC and ETH are up for the day, but have run into resistance at May 27ths daily open. FIL and SOL are the biggest winners of the day so far. Today's edition of the Delphi Daily will focus on this crash's hardest hit tokens, what ETH/BTC could be looking like, and the potential resurgence of positive market sentiment Bitcoin's correlation with the S&P 500 is somewhat erratic, but the relationship has just got stronger. That may not be bad news It doesn't take a technical analysis savant to see it—the correlation is glaring. This isn't great news to me because I have a bunch of bitcoin and I believe stocks will tank horribly very soon If the asset classes are perfectly correlated, then the measurement is 1.0 and vice versa for the negative correlation. We See A Positive Correlation In Price % Changes In S&P 500 (SPX) (Blue Line) and Bitcoin (BTC) Since The Beginning of 2020 (Chart Created On TradingView Using 1D Timeframe & Inbuilt CC Indicator Bitcoin Becomes the Ultimate Safe Haven as BTC Fights Off Stock Correlation, says Anthony Pompliano. Sarah Tran Oct 26, 2020 16:09 2 Min Read. Bitcoin has been sustaining its price above $13,000 for a while and has since decoupled.

Kraken report: correlation of BTC with the S&P 500 index grows, while with gold it falls According to the latest report from the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, a 31% drop in Bitcoin trading in June led to BTC's annual volatility reaching a six-month low It is an objective fact that cryptocurrency prices follow the bitcoin behavior on the market like puppies follow their owners and even though many bigger crypto projects keep invoking the decoupling and announcing their independence, that hasn't happened yet. One of the major reasons why altcoin and bitcoin prices are intrinsically tied is because in [ Bitcoin price action has been under pressure over recent trading sessions as BTC/USD gravitates lower due to a stronger US Dollar, but can key trendline support keep the cryptocurrency afloat Bitcoin (BTC) has created a higher low after bouncing at the $30,000 support area. Ethereum (ETH) is approaching the 0.5-0.618 Fib retracement resistance area

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A correlation of 1 means that the asset moves perfectly in sync with the price of BTC whilst a correlation of -1 means the opposite. Note that the famous narrative of safe-haven for BTC would imply low or negative correlation with the market which has not always been the case historically Perceived Correlation in BTC, Gold and S&P 500 With increasing interest in gold over the past months, the price of the asset has soared, setting a new record above $2,000 in early August The graph above shows a positive correlation for the BTC price now vs back in 2013. Back in 2013, BTC corrected up to 50% before rocketing to another all-time high just over US$1,000. This data might suggest that this a normal cycle for BTC, as the market corrects, then resets and resumes into the final phase of the bull run Santiment: Bitcoin (BTC) is not correlated with S&P Santiment, an industry-level vendor of on-chain analytics, noted that the level of correlation between the Bitcoin (BTC) price and the rates of the S&P 500 Index — which showcases the performance of stocks issued by 500 top U.S.-listed companies — has dropped to zero

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The results of research conducted by analysts from Skew in November 2019 showed that ETH had been the highest-correlated cryptocurrency to BTC for two years running, with an average correlation. He linked to When The Levee Breaks, a Led Zeppelin song, and said, This time we'll play it at the beginning, not at the end. Read more: Tesla just invested $1.5 billion in bitcoin

Correlations of specific coins are also worth noting. Ethereum (lilac line) has the highest strongest correlation with BTC, almost touching 0.9 in May. The second highest comes from XMR (green), which left it on a constant just-on-the-edge of top-10 position Secondly, we implement a BEKK-GARCH model to estimate time-varying conditional correlations. Gold plays an important role in financial markets with flight-to-quality in times of market distress. Our results show that Bitcoin behaves as the exact opposite and it positively correlates with downward markets Copy link to Tweet. Here's the URL for this Tweet. Copy it to easily share with friends. Close. Price and hash rate has always been correlated. This is BTC price vs today's hash rate collapse (from the Xinjiang blackout) Just adding this chart for people wanting to see the correlation Litecoin crypto worth motion is accumulating within the vary of $160 - $200 from a number of days The 24-hour buying and selling quantity in LTC is $3.30 Billion The LTC/BTC pair did buying and selling at 0.005021 BTC with a achieve of 4.21% The every day technical chart of Litecoin's crypto worth resides under

The link between the crypto market and the classic financial market is a double-edged sword. For a strong Bitcoin price, it is crucial that the market has many roots and not just one fixed point Bitcoin's characteristic of low correlation with other markets could further boost its appeal as a tradable asset. As most markets currently available for trading are correlated in some way or another with other markets, the emergence of a relatively uncorrelated asset like Bitcoin provides a potential opportunity to diversify trading and investment strateg If Bitcoin (BTC) is the largest crypto in the market, Tether (USDT) is certainly the king of stablecoins.While these two tokens can be considered opposites since one of them is pegged to the U. S. dollar (USD) and the other one is completely detached from the financial market, some rumors indicate that they may be more correlate than people know XRP with BTC have different relation in correlation. I find nice website with correlation and sentiment analysis (cointrading.ninja). i cant put full link, as i will be banned for advertisement. There can see changes in big list of coins for , 7 days, 1,3,6,12 month

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Bitcoin hashrate indicates the strength of its Blockchain network. Studying the foregoing statement, it may also mean that the bitcoin price is influenced somehow. The increase in price value of bitcoin has consistently been a controversial subject across mainstream media, since the birth of bitcoin back in 2009 A link to Nic Carter's Twitter thread can be found here. Btc.com fell by 18.9%, a great number of people have said that the price dump is correlated with the hashrate plunge Although the correlation between BTC and ETH is close, ETH and other altcoins usually follow the price trend of BTC, the dominant cryptocurrency. For example, in 2017, BTC and ETH moved purely based on the demand of the market

Most people are under the impression that altcoins prices follow Bitcoin prices up and down. Because Bitcoin makes up such a large share of the total cryptocurrency market when it moves, surrounding altcoins tend to move in the same direction as well.. However, it may still come as a surprise that 75% of the top coins in the top 200 had a correlation of 0.91 or higher with bitcoin in 2018 This correlation allowed Bitcoin Jack to dismiss the idea that USDT is in demand by traders who are willing to sell their Bitcoins (BTC). Instead, USDT is acting like 'new money' for the crypto market This may be linked to the increasing adoption of stablecoins and the fact that crypto exchanges are increasingly offering a variety of crypto pairs instead of simply pairing every coin with Bitcoin. Despite the high correlations across most crypto assets, the report finds a few exceptions, noting that Dogecoin, Tezos and XRP showed the lowest correlations with other digital assets across. Copy Link The current price of bitcoin has a 91% correlation with the volume of Google search requests for bitcoin-related terms, according to a study by SEMrush, a search engine marketing agency. The study drew from a database of 120 million US keyword searches linked to the cryptocurrency

Consider this: before March 15th and March 17th, the two previous correlation all-time highs came in December 2018 when both BTC-SPY and ETH-SPY hit 0.31 and then back in February 2011 when Ethereum didn't even exist yet and a very young bitcoin saw its correlation with the S&P jump up to 0.34 A correlation of 1 means that the asset moves perfectly in sync with the price of BTC whilst a correlation of -1 means the opposite. Note that the famous narrative of safe-haven for BTC would imply low or negative correlation with the market which has not always been the case historically BTC Bitcoin, ETH Ethereum, XRP Ripple, WCC and WCD represent global COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths, respectively. In the graphical explanation of the wavelet coherence analysis colors indicate the magnitude and direction of correlation, where red is high coherence, and blue is low coherence Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency's correlation with gold has weakened following the COVID-19 outbreak and resulting economic uncertainty. However, the digital asset's correlation.

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  1. utes by Aisshwarya Tiwari on March 29, 2020 Bitcoin According to a report published by The Block , on March 28, 2020, premier cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) continues to struggle to establish its safe-haven status amid the ongoing financial crisis courtesy of the devastating COVID-19.
  2. Bitcoin and Gold correlation: BTC to $5500 with head and shoulders pattern? December 29, 2018. Last Modified date - December 29, 2018 . The price of bitcoin and gold is trading in a correlation with each other. Large institutional investors are entering into the cryptocurrency space
  3. We compare Bitcoin and a cryptocurrency index with traditional assets and focus on volatility, correlation, and portfolio diversification • Bitcoin returns have an asymmetric response to market shocks, which is of the same direction as for major precious metal

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  1. I added the first known bitcoin prices (1$ for 1309 BTC Oct 2009, first quote of $0.003 on BitcoinMarket Mar 2010, 2 pizza's worth $41 for 10,000 BTC May 2010) and interpolated. Data archeology.
  2. Figure 4: Comparison of Bitcoin (BTC/USD) volatility to that of FX pairs. Dashed line: BTC/USD historical volatility (left axis); Continuous lines: FX pairs historical volatility (right axis). Correlations. Finally, the correlation between Bitcoin returns and other assets is shown in Figure 5
  3. Bitcoin Highly Correlated With HYG And IWM ETFs As Contagion Effect From Coronavirus Epidemic Spreads Across All Asset Classes Stephen Mathai-Davis, CFA, CQF Contributo
  4. Dogecoin Correlation - Or Lack Of. Interestingly, DOGE is actually one of the top-10 least correlated coins to Bitcoin. Average correlations for top-100 coins are in the highly correlated area of 0.7-0.9, and DOGE sits outside that area with averages in the 2019 being between 0.5 and 0.65
  5. Eth Btc Correlation. 08:09. ETH vs BTC Detailed Correlation Video! ETHBTC, 60. ETH vs BTC Detailed Correlation Video! In the meantime, Binance Coin (BNB) is up over 50% on the day eth btc correlation to increase February. The correlation coefficient of their prices is 0.68, which was estimated based on the last 100-days' price fluctuations of both cryptocurrencies This wie kann bitcoin kaufen.
  6. On the weekly chart, the loss stands at 1.6% and on the monthly chart, BTC is still showing a gain of 46.7%. The market capitalization has fallen from $1 trillion to $913 billion. Many analysts and traders agree that the correlation between the traditional market and Bitcoin's performance have increased in recent days
  7. BTC Breaks Correlation with the S&P 500. Sarah Tran Oct 26, 2020 09:09 3 Min Read. Bitcoin (BTC) has continued to surge recently, after breaking through its resistance level at $12,000 last week following a series of.

Bitcoin (BTC) is a major virtual currency. Using weekly data over the 2010-2013 period, we analyze a BTC investment from the standpoint of a US investor with a diversified portfolio including both traditional assets (worldwide stocks, bonds, hard currencies) and alternative investments (commodities, hedge funds, real estate). Over the period under consideration, BTC investment had highly. Le LINK est l'un des projets phares de ce début d'année 2020. Il figure dans le top des hausses et a enregistré son plus haut historique début mars à $4,94. Il se situe en 11e position du classement des cryptomonnaies par capitalisation de CoinMarketCap

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  1. The second part of the report is dedicated to BTC price and volatility movements around futures expiry dates in order to find evidence of recurrent market behavior during these periods. The report provides a month-by-month breakdown of this analysis dating to when the first BTC futures began to expire in January 2018
  2. BTC and avocados bottomed out between November of 2018 and March of 2019, and began rising in early April. The price of avocados rose due to a supply shock, as farmers in California had a rough growing season primarily due to a series of wildfires
  3. Daniel Ives, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, has revealed he believes in the short term Tesla's share price is directly going to be linked to the price of bitcoin, after the electric car marker's $1.5 billion bitcoin bet.. According to CNBC, Ives wrote that as Tesla is diving into the deep end of the pool on bitcoin, its CEO Elon Musk runs the risk that this side show can.
  4. US-based crypto exchange. Trade Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and more for USD, EUR, and GBP. Support for FIX API and REST API. Easily deposit funds via Coinbase, bank transfer, wire transfer, or cryptocurrency wallet
  5. Remember a few months ago when everyone was posting charts of $BTC / S&P correlation

Why Bitcoin correlations with the S&P 500 are worrying

According to the statistics, the correlation between Bitcoin (BTC) and the S&P500 returns is inching closer to a three-year high. It has already broken above 0.3 and is approaching 0.4. This growth in the correlation is the most sustainable that has been seen since 2015 Bitcoin (BTC) Price Diverges From Gold Again as Correlation Grows Bitcoin and Gold have had a complex relationship in terms of their markets. The precious metal has often been seen as a safe haven for investors in start contrast with the high risk, and high reward, Bitcoin

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As long as BTC is still the most valuable currency, completely decentralized, endorsed by the SEC and base in most exchange, a positive correlation between it and altcoins as XRP will exist. Brad Garlinghouse is working on eliminating this relationship as it can have a magnifier effect on XRP as an asset Bitcoin targets, price analysis, news today. Bitcoin and chainlink prediction. Bullish or bearish? THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE NOW ! Want to j..

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Kraken's June 2020 Bitcoin Volatility Report posits that bitcoin (BTC) annualized volatility crashed to a 6-month low of 51 percent and a reversal in the coin's bullish trend increased its correlation with the S&P 500 from 0.13 to 0.52. Bitcoin Increasingly Correlating with SP 500 and Gold According to Kraken' Serum token swap on Solana. Balance: 0.000000 ⇅ To (Estimate

Summary: In the last month, Cardano's correlation with Bitcoin has turned negative This can be attributed to the recent development upgrades on the Cardano Mainnet The Mary Upgrade was implemented on the 1st of March and transforms Cardano into a multi-asset network Cardano's 50-day Moving Average is the support area to watch in March In [ Cryptos Here's what bitcoin's relationship with the stock market and gold looks like over the past 90 days Published: Aug. 24, 2019 at 3:15 p.m. E Some of the links above are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I'll earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link courses because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. Pearson Correlation for BTC, ETH and LTC Buy and hold strategy

Bitcoin volatility is at the peak as the price is hovering between $9,000 and $9,300. Some analysts are taking Bitcoin as an asset because it expressing behavior like the stock market due to its decreased volatility. Even in the times of Coronavirus pandemic, and in the recent Twitter hack, the price value of the leading As the world's No.1 Mining Exchange, CITEX has made innovative achievements in finance. CITEX has launched diversified financial services products based on digital assets such as Mining Pool Project, Dual Currency, and Savings to build a mining ecology. All these efforts won users' recognition Litecoin crypto price movement is accumulating in the range of $160 - $200 from several days The 24-hour trading volume in LTC is $3.30 Billion The LTC/BTC pair did trading at 0.005021 BTC with a gain of 4.21% The daily technical chart of Litecoin's crypto price resides below the pivot level of $240. According to pivot points, LTC's significant support level is $140

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