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  1. Kenya is the most attractive market in Africa for workers in the fintech industry. New data shows that companies in Kenya pay the highest salaries in comparison to other countries. below is a list of some of the favourite fintech companies in Kenya
  2. A number of fintech businesses, which have thrived in Kenya as a result of M-Pesa, include: mobile lending, mobile banking, fundraising applications, mobile payment, insure-tech, peer-to-peer lending applications, business-to-business lending, digital payment, online trade, international money transfer, online foreign exchange, online procurement, online betting and other block chain applications
  3. Fintech Kenya Ltd 16th Floor, Ambank House, University Way P. O. Box 39466 - 00623, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: (254) 2 2221754/2211290 Mobile: (254) 722 205426 / 733622002 Email: info@fintech-group.com. Data Integration Technologies Ltd 16th Floor, Ambank House, University Wa
  4. Kenya has over 30 FinTech companies aiding Kenyans' financial needs through money, cryptocurrency, e-wallet, shares, and others. Below is a list of the top 10 FinTech companies in Kenya. List of FinTech Companies in Kenya 1. 3G Direct Pay Group. 3G Direct.
  5. Innovating further still, Kenya is in the process of introducing a regulatory fintech sandbox which sets the conditions for early stage fintech regulation. The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) will use the sandbox to create a conducive environment to unlock the potential of the fintech space, and three fintechs have been admitted so far
  6. Fintech companies in Kenya have made it easier for Kenyans to access financial services without necessarily owning a bank account. Through the products and services they offer, Kenyans can transact online by buying shares, sending and receiving money on their mobile devices, invest in cryptocurrencies, and borrow loans
  7. Fintech in Africa: Kenya. by Manisha Patel February 27, 2018 February 26, 2018. SPECIAL REPORT BY YINKA OPANEYE. A People Consultant supporting technology startups in developing their teams and organisational growth. He also conducts research into Digital Finance

In Kenya, the National Payment System Act, the National Payment System Regulations 2014 and the Regulatory Sandbox Police Guidance Note are the only sector-specific regimes governing fintech. Fintech firms must identify and comply with the regulations governing the specific area of business in which they operate as further outlined in question 1.1 Fintech Popular 'disaster girl' Meme Used By KOT to Stir and Commentate Chaos Sells as an NFT for Sh50 Million 'Disaster Girl', the popular meme often used by Kenyans on Twitter to stir and commentate.

Technological disruptions have greatly affected the Kenyan financial services industry in recent years. Mobile money is by far the most significant, as underlined by data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK), which indicates that the value of mobile transactions has grown at a CAGR of 66.3% since inception in 2007 from Sh14.8b of transaction [ Kenya bagged 42nd position in the Global Fintech Ranking by Findexable. The country ranked second in Africa, just a few points behind South Africa which took the leading position. Global Fintech Index by Findexable recognized Kenya's efforts in regulation, as well as hosting various incubators and events which foster the fintech ecosystem

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  1. The Kenyan fintech sector is among the fastest growing in Africa, with technology increasingly defining the day-to-day running of businesses in the country. Many start-ups are driving innovations, especially in mobile money. These businesses include mobile banking and savings,.
  2. Eight Kenyan fintech startups to keep an eye on. By Staff Reporter. Read next People thought award winning entrepreneur was 'crazy' when he started business. With the 2007 launch of mobile-money transfer service M-Pesa by Vodacom for Safaricom, Kenya has led the world in mobile money
  3. Abu Dhabi and Kenya form fintech bridge. Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), the International Financial Centre in Abu Dhabi, and the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) Kenya have signed a co-operation agreement for fintech innovation

In conclusion, Kenya has quite several fintech companies, and it seems there are more that are yet to come. This provides Kenyans an opportunity to utilize the financial availability to grow their small businesses into large and flourishing ones. Business; 29 views 0 comments Kenya's fintech revolution has helped the country achieve near-total financial inclusion, currently at 82.9 percent; the highest on the continent. At any one time, one can count up to 150 fintech companies in Kenya, but the bulk of the players in the sector have largely pitched their tent on mobile payments and digital lending 1. Fintech Market 1.1 Evolution of the Fintech Market. The 2020 Findexable Global Fintech Rankings report placed Kenya number 63 in the global top 100 rankings of the world's leading fintech hub countries in Africa

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  1. The Kenyan fintech sector is among the fastest growing in Africa, with technology increasingly defining the day-to-day running of businesses in the country. Many start-ups are driving innovations.
  2. With the rising number of Financial Technologies in Kenya and a cross the world. Kenya has not been left behind as it has some of the best Fintech companies. Financial technology, often shortened to Fintech, is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services
  3. The fintech has risen to success due to its successful pioneering and establishing the viability of the interoperable agent and merchant model in Kenya. Tanda claims that its network supports 58 banks and saccos, four telecoms, 18 billers, 12,000 merchants and agents, and has served over 300,000 unique customers
  4. Asilimia, a Kenyan Fintech digitizing payments for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has launched Leja, a digital ledger app that allows business owners to manage their transactions in real-time
  5. In this article, MEDICI takes a look at 38 FinTech companies in Kenya to look out for in 2017. Read it on MEDICI, the world's premier destination for all things FinTech
  6. Finserve africa Limited is leading fintech company in kenya and offers financial management, financial accounting, accounting system, eazzy loan, equitel loans
  7. Kenya's fintech startups. Mobile money was the spark that ignited the fintech fire in Kenya. Startups like Kopo Kopo have built solution on top of popular mobile money platforms. Founded in 2011, Kopo Kopo started as a digital platform to enable small merchants in Kenya to accept digital payments,.

Kenya has been able to establish the technological foundation for fintech innovation in the last ten years. Under the Vision 2030 development program, Kenyan leaders aim to foster industrialization, innovation, economic growth, social security, and political stability With Kenya, their fintech strengths lie in payments, remittances, bank and lending technologies. Nevertheless, mobile money and lending platforms dominate Kenya's fintech industry both in terms of subscription numbers and financial performance The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) says it has signed an agreement with the Italian organization, E4Impact Foundation, to provide support to Kenyan financial technology start-ups.The partnership is part of CBK's plan to promote innovation in Kenya's financial sector

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Fintech is one of the least regulated segments of Kenya's financial services sector, but the industry's unregulated days are numbered. Recent signals from various regulatory authorities indicate that change is coming - and it might be more constraining than some industry actors might like Fintech In Kenya. Kenya is the shining example. Mobile adoption rates in the world have skyrocketed, with subscribers exceeding the overall population by 12%, and FinTech technologies have followed. Safaricom, the country's largest telecommunications company, contributes 5% of the country's GDP

The modern waves of FinTech, from the U.S. to China and now to Kenya, provide a framework for assessing who is ahead and who is behind in terms of fulfilling a population's financial needs. What remains constant across peoples is a desire for access and a need for trust This is a list of top fintech companies in Kenya. Fintech is commonly used as a short form of Financial Technology. Fintech companies are firms that use technology or apply technological aspects in the financial sector to make financial services more efficient. Here is a list of some of th The fintech space in Kenya is vibrant and, in the recent past, the space has seen an increase of digital-based lenders, peer-to-peer payment providers, crowdfunding platforms, ICOs and spread of. Asilimia, a Kenyan fintech, has been selected alongside 14 Fintech start-ups to take part in the 2021 edition of Catapult: Inclusion Africa fintech bootcamp.Asilimia is an app that digitizes payments, enabling 90% savings on mobile money transactions fees for its users. Through the bootcamp, the selected companies will benefit from mentoring, coaching, peer to peer learning and dedicated.

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This is because the African fintech sector is heating up and big tech does not want to be left out. In some ways, these could actually be seen as late comers to the party because even though some have been around much longer, in 2007, Google setup it first African office in Kenya hiring now Minister of ICT, Joe Mucheru to lead the charge [12] even though it had some sales guys in SA dating. The fintech sector in Kenya is among the fastest-growing in Africa. Not only is Kenya known for its innovation in fintech, but it is also known to be the most lucrative market for most fintech executives due to the attractive salaries they earn. According to a study by the Digital Frontiers Institute, Kenya's fintech sector [ There is no separate regime for the regulation of fintech in Kenya, so fintech products and services fall under the existing financial services regulatory framework. Currently, most fintech players are unregulated and where they offer services or products that are regulated, they have an obligation to comply with the regulations applicable to the services or products offered Fintech refers to the integration of technology into offerings by financial services companies in order to improve their use and delivery to consumers.They are innovative ideas that improve financial service processes by proposing technological solutions. These ideas more often than not lead to new business models and new businesse Kenya already has a strong fintech presence, and it has a legitimate claim to being its hub on the continent. This phenomenon unarguably finds its origin in M-PESA. By harnessing mobile phone technology, the Vodafone-led initiative has helped Kenya achieve greater financial inclusion; this has resulted in a reduction in inequality and alleviation of poverty in the country

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A Kenyan Fintech firm has launched a digital insurance product aimed mainly at Bodaboda operators in the country. Chanuka Fintech is supporting the Kenyan underwriters to co-create cutting edge. Interesting Kenya has been known as a hotbed of innovation especially in the Fintech scene being the home of M-PESA. Now let's take a closer look at some of the top finTech companies in Kenya. Check them out and let us know if you agree with us Kenyan fintech and eCommerce startup Powered by People (PBP) has raised $1.5-million in seed funding led by Matt Kalish of DraftKings, TBD Angels among other angel investors who are affiliated with DraftKings, Skillz, Uber, as well as impact investors, Good+Well

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Kenyan Fintech Startup to Use Stablecoins to Transfer Universal Basic Income Payments to African Refugees . Kotani Pay, a Kenya based digital currency on and off-ramp service provider, has. Today's top 36 Fintech jobs in Kenya. Leverage your professional network, and get hired. New Fintech jobs added daily

Without effective regulation, fintech lending could undermine the gains of mobile payments, which a 2016 study published in the journal Science showed had lifted 200,000 Kenyans out of poverty Kenyan fintech, Tanda, plans regional expansion in Africa Source: Supplied The story : In February 2021, Kenyan agent banking platform, Tanda raised an undisclosed funding round from HAVAÍC, Zedcrest Capital, DFS Lab, and four other angel investors including Victor Asemota

Kenyan fintech Tanda closes funding to expand portfolio. Nairobi-based financial technology startup, Tanda, has announced securing an undisclosed amount of funding towards expanding its footprint Kenya and South Africaare the regional leaders in various FinTech areas. Kenya is one of the world leaders in mobile money and home to perhaps the most well-known example of FinTech-based financial inclusion, M-Pesa. The share of adult population in the State with a mobile money account i Kenyan Fintech Start-up to be a part of the Ninja Acceleration Program. One of Kenya's rising Fintech companies and digital banking platform, Kwara has been selected to be a part of the Japan International Cooperation Agency's (JICA) Ninja Acceleration Program in Kenya

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While we've already been working with inclusive fintech startups in the Kenyan market solving problems like cross-border payments, we're excited to officially kick-off our presence in Kenya, and we hope to keep building these relationships to accelerate innovation in emerging markets The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) is hosting the Afro-Asia FinTech Festival (AAFF) Nairobi Online City on December 7-9, 2020, as part of the Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF) 2020. Given the prevailing pandemic, SFF has taken a hybrid format whereby digital and physical events will run simultaneously at different locations worldwide

Israeli Fintech solutions to you The Trade and Economic mission of Israel to Kenya welcomes you to join the Kenya Fintech Online Campaign. Experienced and innovative Israeli Fintech companies have been carefully selected to engage with Kenya's Financial Ecosystem by collaborating through forming beneficial business partnerships Fintech Kenya passes data protection law to ensure digital security. International Finance Desk October 15, 2019 January 15, 2020. by International Finance Desk October 15, 2019 January 15, 2020 Fintech products and services are currently regulated under Kenya's existing financial services regulatory framework, which was designed for more traditional products and services. As a result, there are instances where certain fintech players, products and services are not regulated

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  1. ated for the first cohort of the Ninja Accelerator program in Kenya. The NINJA Accelerator in Kenya is JICA's first acceleration program in Africa and aims at empowering Kenya's high-growth post-revenue ventures with strategic partnerships, mentorships, and access to investments for enhanced business growth and continued.
  2. Kenya's Central Bank recently reported their citizens have moved as much as half of the country's GDP via their mobile phones in the year 2018. The FinTech story of Africa is one of the greatest tech-success stories that you'll ever find across the world
  3. In Kenya, fintech development has been propelled by the mobile money revolution trigged by M-Pesa, the SIM-based mobile banking service launched by telco giant Safaricom in 2007. M-Pesa allows users to deposit, withdraw, transfer money, pay for goods and services, access credit and savings, all with a mobile device, and combines Safaricom's mobile infrastructure with an agent model
  4. 38 FinTech Companies in Kenya to Look out for in 2017. Simon Cocking February 22, 2017. Africa Banking Business Cutting Edge Education Entrepreneur Featured FinTech Future Trends Leadership Start Ups Tech News World News. Great guest post by Elena Mesropyan
  5. Digital banking platform and fintech company Kwara has been selected for the first cohort of the Ninja Accelerator programme in Kenya. Growth Africa announced that out of 178 applicants, Kwara was one of the five startups selected to partake in the first-ever JICA Ninja Accelerator

Fintech Growth in Kenya: Kenya has been able to establish the technological foundation for fintech innovation in the last ten years. While financial technology, or fintech, is booming in Asia, another continent is also using the advantages of technological innovations to facilitate growth in the financial sector Kenyan fintech rolls out digital insurance product Breaking Kenya news. September 14, 2020 NEWS, NEWS Two of the most influential changemakers in the world of ethical digital finance have joined the Fintech Diversity Radar initiative which is developing the first dataset and benchmark for diversity in global fintech. Dr Mwangi took over a technically insolvent building society in Kenya in 1993 India cannot ape Kenya's success by simply copying what it did, given that M-Pesa in Kenya had a first mover advantage, whereas India already has many fintech players these days Shivani Siroya knew that her startup Tala was going to be a success when an early customer told her, This is the Kenya we want. Now the company must turn to new products to make sure that.

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If someone asked you to point to a country on the world map with a hugely financially inclusive population, you probably wouldn't choose Kenya. Noted Economist Dr. Kaiser Bengali notes that Kenya has been able to include over 90% of its population in the legal financial system by the application of fintech. Kenya is significantly [ Equity, Safaricom use FinTech to create opportunities for Kenyans. About Urban Kenyans. Urban Kenyans is an online platform that enlightens Kenyans by showing them how things are done online in Kenya. We update you on what you need to know. More Categories → Cars → Fintech → Urban Info → Government Fintech Home We have invested in a Kenyan credit only microfinance (MFI) which started operations in August 2013 with a focus on providing micro credit and financial access solutions leveraging on mobile platform In fact, Kenya is fast emerging as a pioneer in the fintech (financial technology) industry in the entire sub-Saharan region, with hubs growing in Nairobi and Mombasa. While other traditional industries are surviving, technology isn't affected by seasonal changes such as agriculture, which has taken a hit due to the lack of rain

Kenyan-based FinTechs raised $204 million between 2010 and 2017 leading the pack of East Africa countries, a study has unveiled. A study into the Investment opportunities in FinTech in East Africa compiled by the East Africa Venture Capital Association (EAVCA), Intellecap, Financial Sector Deepening-Africa and FMO, and UKAid, says that with the increased success financial technology. Kenyan InsurTech startup Pula has raised a $6m Series A round to boost its agricultural and digital products insurance Advising FinTech institutions based in and outside Kenya in connection with existing Kenyan laws relevant to the FinTech practice area. Representing FinTech institutions in commenting on and enriching sectoral laws including data protection legislation,.. South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya have historically been the fintech hubs of Africa, but the next chapter for the industry. Read More. Tanzania. Tanzania's Nascent Fintech Sector is Poised for Growth. In Tanzania, the fintech sector is still nascent with less than 50 companies, among which 68% in their early stages

Tuko.co.ke News ☛ The Afro-Asia FinTech festival themed Sustainable Finance: Inclusive and Green was jointly organised by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) and Monetary Authority of Singapore is expected to happen between July 15 and July 16, 2019 The BackEnd explores the product development process in African tech. We take you into the minds of those who conceived, designed and built the product; highlighting product uniqueness, user behaviour assumptions and challenges during the product cycle. — In its 2020 African tech startups funding report, Disrupt Africa identifies 99 fintech companies across 11 countries [ I ended my May 2021 essay with the hypothesis leading fintechs might turn around and start acquiring the banks and, sure enough, on the 12 th of May 2021, the Competition Authority of Kenya in a gazette notice approved the acquisition of 84.89% stake in Century Microfinance Bank by Branch International Limited - a leading global fintech with operations in Kenya Kenya has indeed managed to put Africa on the world map of fintech innovation, and today Kenya stands out with countries like Vietnam as global leaders in financial inclusion through fintech Read more on Bitcoin (BTC) here.. The 'Fintechization' of Everything: The 7 Hottest Fintech Trends in 2021. In a must-read analysis, Finance Magnates asked the experts what is on the menu for the fintech world. The insights given by the likes of Jackson Mueller, Director of Policy and Government Relations at Securrency, Gregory Keough, Founder of the DMM Foundation, Anti Danilevsky, Chief.

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  1. Kenyan fintech startup Zagace has been quietly raising a US$16.7 million seed round since 2016 as it plans to expand across the world.. Founded by Mubarak Muyika in Kenya in 2013, Zagace provides software packages composed of accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, sales, marketing, stock management and storage. Targeting micro-businesses with 10 employees or less, Zagace's core product - the.
  2. FinTech startup enabling Kenyans to use M-Pesa for free: FinTech . Seed : $350,000.00 : Asoko Insight. Asoko Insight is Africa's leading corporate data platform aiding investors discover target companies in Africa. Information Services Business Development Big Data . Series A : $8,000,000.00
  3. While Kenya's traditional banking sector is heavily regulated, its fintech products are not. In May of this year, central bank governor Patrick Njoroge spoke at Kenya's first fintech summit, noting the lack of regulatory powers to oversee this aspect of banking
  4. Asilimia, a Kenyan Fintech digitizing payments for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has launched Leja, a digital ledger app that allows business owners to manage their transactions in real-time. With this app, Asilimia users will be able to create simple cash-based accounting P&L records as well as keep a ledger of outstanding debits and [

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Here's what's driving Kenya's Fintech sector. The growth of mobile phone technology is opening access to financial services for in Kenya How To Get Quick Loans in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya - The Fintech Africa on How to come up with a business idea; Manual on How to invest in mutual funds in Africa. - The Fintech Africa on Invest in CowryWise Mutual Funds, With as little as N100

Kenya, the second largest SSA FinTech hub, hosts around 20% of the entire SSA FinTech landscape, and has a stronger focus on the payments segment. The Kenyan hub is located in Nairobi, which is home to more than 50 FinTechs. FinTechs are already one of the main drivers for financial inclusion in SSA three Kenyans, and as many as there are mobile money users. M-Pesa had already shown that simple payment services can be offered through mobile and become mainstream. But with its remarkable success, M-Shwari demonstrates for the first 10 Africa and the Global Fintech Revolutio The Kenyan FinTech Association (FINTAK) is the first not-for-profit organization representing leading FinTech companies of all sizes, within Kenya. We aim to serve as a resource and forum for education, information sharing, and networking between companies, policymakers, and the general public

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Kenya's political and ethnic tensions set to escalate asKenyan refugees return to war, exploitation and al-ShababKenya: Petition demanding UN probe into alleged murder of

Branch is the world's leading personal finance app that provides access to instant loans with no physical documentation. Branch is transforming and changing the way loans work by providing the most advanced financial services solution in the market through a combination of world-class data science, advanced customer insights, and international fintech best practices By Nicole Martinez W'16 When you think of start-ups, you probably picture Silicon Valley, incubators in New York or maybe even the Wynwood District in Miami. Yet, here I am in Nairobi, Kenya, working for Musoni, a company born from a FinTech wave that is transforming the way people accessRead Mor Pezesha a Kenya-based FinTech company has clinched first place at the 2020 AFI Inclusive FinTech Showcase after capturing the AFI members as well as a panel of expert judges with powerful online pitches on how their innovative solutions lead to financial inclusion.. Pezesha is Swahili translation for financial empowerment and offers a platform for MSMEs to tap into finance pools once. Fintech investment were still the most popular, bringing in 39.7% of total funds South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya remain the main three markets, with 141, 101 and 78 active ventures respectively.

November 6th, 2018. For us, Fintech only matters if it is helping Kenyans solve real-world problems or seize genuine opportunities. FSD Kenya does not have an official fintech strategy but much of our work over the last 13 years has been about the use of technology and innovation to deliver more value through financial solutions as a means to stimulate wealth creation and reduce poverty Over the next 15 months, Africa is set to receive a total of $50bn towards its economic recovery from the World Bank, which has identified the protection of the region's small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as essential to its economic bounce-back from the coronavirus. Financial technology (fintech) has a key role to play in this The fintech startup has risen to success due to its successful pioneering and establishing the viability of the interoperable agent and merchant model in Kenya. Tanda claims that its network supports 58 banks and SACCOs, four telecoms, 18 billers, 12,000 merchants and agents, and has served over 300,000 unique customers Fintech-Group | 1 170 följare på LinkedIn. Providing the Financial Services Industry with cutting-edge technology to help them better serve their customers. | We bridge the gap between business and technology. Fintech Group is a leading enterprise IT solutions & services provider with operations in Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Uganda and Zimbabwe However, ICEAW Regional Director for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia Michael Armstrong said that Kenya's economy is ripe for diversification with the growth of fintech. Growth in Kenya is currently driven mostly by traditional sectors, however, its strong FinTech scene provides an opportunity to diversify and increase growth avenues for the economy in general, he says

UK announces partnership with Kenyan Fintech companies to use technology to increase financial inclusion for low-income and underserved consumers Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria are the top fintech hubs as per a report by the Africa Fintech State of th Tag: Kenya fintech. Kenya Based Technology Firm Switches to Pancakeswap, Cites High Gas Fees on Uniswap . May 17, 2021 . In Case You Missed It. Ray Dalio Buys Bitcoin Despite Saying Governments. Kenya's fintech sector is among the fastest growing in Africa. Kenya is among the countries where financial inclusion has been developed through the mobile money system Popote, a Kenyan fintech startup just announced an undisclosed sum in funding from GreenHouse Capital. Popote is a digital payments platform that helps businesses transact smoothly, check fraud and access accounting management, and track their expenses

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FINTECH INNOVATION AWARD Since then, DPO has expanded rapidly from a homegrown Kenyan payments company with a handful of clients in the aviation industry to a pan-African operation with presence in 19 African countries, working with over 40,000 active merchants across various sectors,. The fintech space in Kenya is vibrant, with significant development in digital lending, digital banking, insurtech and payment services solutions and Kenya rising up the global rankings. It was ranked 63 in the global top 100 of the 2020 Findexable Global Fintech Rankings Tala, a Kenya-focused fintech company providing uncollateralised loans, has raised $65m in Series C equity investment and debt financing to fund its newly launched global expansion

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Tag: kenya fintech. Standard Chartered Bank Launches Mobile Traded Bonds & Bills. Posted on February 19, 2020 February 19, 2020 by Mr. Stephen Ajulu. Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Via Their App SC Mobile Have Released a Platform for People to Buy and Sell Local Currency Government Bonds and Treasury Bills Australia partners with Kenya for fintech development. Financial regulatory authorities from both jurisdictions have signed an agreement that will encourage the discussion of cross-border.

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Kenyan fintech startup Wapi Pay raises capital to scale across Africa Photo/kenyanwallstreet.com Singapore and Kenyan based Fintech startup 'Wapi Pay' has raised seed capital through the accelerator Future Hub making it its first Fintech Investment in Africa

Britain’s Equinox to invest $250 million in Kenya biogasHRW report: Worrying rise in police killings in Kenya
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